What is AdTrap?

AdTrap is an ad-filtering hardware device that requires zero-configuration. Just plug an AdTrap into your Internet router and ads disappear on your entire network. Imagine an ad-free Internet.

Game consoles & Streaming Boxes
Browser Independent Device Independent Router Independent Content Independent

Ads never reach any of your devices.

Blocks ads in all web browsers.

Removes ads from websites, apps,

audio and video streams.

Works with any Internet router,

wired or Wi-Fi network.

Auto Updates Quick Setup Saves Bandwidth Security

Just plug it in and you're done.

Ensures AdTrap blocks new ads as they are released.

Malicious software embedded in ads never reaches your device, so they can do no harm.

Pages load faster, are less cluttered and use less of your bandwidth.

What people say:

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  • What's included in the box when I order?
    (1) AdTrap
(1) 1 Network Cable
(1) 5V DC Power Adapter
  • What else do I need?

    You need a wired internet connection (DSL, Cable Modem etc)

  • Will AdTrap block ads on my digital media/IPhone/Android/Apple TV/Google TV etc?


    Yes! All devices connecting to your router, including wireless devices will benefit from AdTrap

  • What do I need to configure to make AdTrap work when I get it?

    It couldn't be easier. You plug AdTrap into the wall. You then connect one network cable from your router to AdTrap.  You connect the other network cable to your Cable Modem or DSL modem. You're done. Enjoy!

  • Can I configure AdTrap?

    Yes! AdTrap can be configured from any web browser

  • Can I add/remove ad filtering rules?

    Yes! You can configure AdTrap to ignore certain ads or sites and you can add your own rule filters through our web based management utility

  • Does AdTrap block those annoying un-skippable commercials that pop up when watching streaming video, etc?

    Yes, they are blocked automatically

  • Will you ship internationally?


  • I don't have a separate modem and router, I have an all-in-one modem and router, will AdTrap work for me?

    Yes, AdTrap can be configured to run in proxy mode. The welcome wizard asks you about your setup and walks you through you through the configuration

  • Does AdTrap work well with games?

    Yes, AdTrap will not create problems with games, AdTrap runs transparently to games

About AdTrap AdTrap is a router-level ad-blocker, removing ads from your Internet connection before they reach any of your devices/screens. Go Ad-Free.
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